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    Our Apartment locating service is 100% free for you and your pets!

Our pets (I am a pet lover also!) are more than "pets"...they are family. We work with Apartments in the Central austin area including Leander, Cedar Park, Pflugerville, Round Rock, Georgetown, wells Branch, Westlake, Austin and more!

Unfortuantely not all apartments accept pets,  most of those that do, have  size and breed restrictions. Many accept 1 pet, quite a few accept 2 pets and only a few accept 3 pets. You can try to find these on your own or you can make it easy and call us!

Pet Friendlt apartments and apartment locators. Our apt locating service is 100% FREE, Our experience apt locators will find you AND your pets a great place to live, please call (512) 293-5483 and ask for Michael Reeh
Many Apartments in the Austin Tx area have added PET PARKS, Pets have been known to take their owners to the park to set them up with potential mates

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